The World of Nehwon

"Sundered from us by gulfs of time and stranger dimensions dreams the ancient world of Nehwon with its towers and skulls and jewels, its swords and sorceries. Nehwon's known realms crowd about the Inner Sea: northward the green-forested fierce Land of the Eight Cities, eastward the steppe-dwelling Mingol horsemen and the desert where caravans creep from the rich Eastern Lands and the River Tilth. But southward, linked to the desert only by the Sinking Land and further warded by the Great Dike and the Mountains of Hunger, are the rich grainfields and walled cities of Lankhmar, eldest and chiefest of Nehwon's lands."

- from Induction, Swords and Deviltry by Fritz Leiber
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3,200km (2000 miles)

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This map © 2002 by Patrick Maslen
The World of Nehwon © Fritz Leiber and is not used with permission.

Detailed Maps

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  1. Central Nehwon
    1. The Inner Sea
    2. Northern Lankhmar Continent
    3. The Sinking Lands
  2. Eastern Great Forest
  3. Land of Mnar

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